January 23rd, 2003


Still Alive (Barely)

The ISO 9001 audit is done, and there was only one major deficiency, and a few minors that I can fix before the auditor leaves. Note to self, if the standard says you MUST have a documented procedure for controlling records, it's probably best NOT to assume that they're kidding about it... ISO 17025 starts today, but that focus is much more on the QC Manager than me, so I should actually have an easy day.

Also going to the doctor this morning about the cough. Besides the cough getting worse, I seem to have picked up a cold or a sinus infection this week, which really hasn't helped my mood much. Factor in that I've spent the last three days having to act interested while listening to a guy who is totally into quality standards, plus that I've had to sit through three consecutive lunches listening to a bunch of staunch GWB supporters expound on their political views, and my nerves are seriously frayed. On top of that, the Phoenix troll came back even after saying he was leaving, so I find myself avoiding the threads he posts in, because I just can't stand the guy.
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Still Ticking

So, I went to the doctor's office this morning, and he wasn't there.

Turns out he was at the hospital with one of his other patients, so I had to wait around for an hour. It wasn't a complete waste, as I had my vitals checked and found out that I've lost ten pounds and gotten my blood pressure back down to normal since my last visit in November. Getting the blood pressure down was easy. Up until November, I'd pretty much been having soup for lunch every day at work. Way too much salt. Switched to yogurt, and the blood pressure is back where it belongs. (Of course, now I have a ton of canned soup down in my basement, because I stocked up when it was on sale.) The total loss of weight since August is now more than twenty-five pounds, and that's even factoring in the weight I gained over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yay!

The doctor finally showed and, after listening to my lungs for a few minutes, declared that I was probably sicker than the person he'd been tending to at the hospital, ya know, the one having the heart attack! I now have 10 days worth of industrial strength antibiotic, a Cipro derivative, so if there's an anthrax attack in the next week or so I'll be all set. He also replaced my Flovent prescription with one for Advair, which is a combination of Flovent and a bronchial dilator for my asthma. I got a flu shot in the right arm, and a pneumonia vaccine shot in my left. He also gave me a prescription for the anti-flu drug, just in case I do start feeling fluish.

There was one other piece of puzzling news. My last cholesterol test was through the roof. Three years ago, my after-fasting cholesterol was 210. I changed some things, like replacing Big Macs at lunch with, er, soup, and switching to non-fat dairy products. My cholesterol went down to 176. There's been some back sliding since, but not nearly to where I was before, so the doctor and I were both hugely amazed when my last cholesterol test came back at 257. WTF?!? I felt like Rudy Guiliani on Seinfeld. Okay the test was the week after Thanksgiving, but I don't recall eating a million hot fudge sundaes that week. Very strange. Anyhow, I am now scrutinizing the labels of everything I eat, looking for hidden cholesterol. Given that I've lost weight, the doctor is giving me the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'm getting tested again in three months, and we'll talk then.
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