January 26th, 2003



Felt much better today, positively energetic. Spent some of that energy finishing off the prototype bookcase. Glued the header and footer boxes to the sides, clamped the joints, then secured them with screws. Made sure everything was square, then cut a piece of pegboard to size for the back panel (for the prototype, the actual cases will get beadboard), and fastened into the back side rabbets with brads. While the glue was drying, I ripped some plywood to the proper width for the shelves on the table saw, then cut them to length on the radial arm saw. It all seems to work. I didn't put a face frame on it yet. I'll do that when I'm working on the real cases. I'm pretty certain that I won't be doing the tongue on the front of the sides, though. Just too complicated for too little pay off.

Also cleaned up my desk some, and burned some VCDs of some stuff I got off BitTorrent. The desk really needed cleaning. There was even some buried treasure. I found the stuff for a couple of rebates that are expiring soon, so I need to send those in. I was sort of disappointed to find that my original DVD player won't play VCDs, but it gives me an excuse to pick up another Sampo.
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