February 3rd, 2003


Evil Triumphs, or Buffy Ran Away

Played the Buffy game at Victor and Lea's last night, and in the end evil (Ellen and her minions, Lea and sj) was triumphant. I was Oz, and was the only Scooby to survive the carnage. We did get some good licks in, though. Victor!Xander dusted Vamp X before he died, and Connie!Willow crippled Spike before Adam got her, too. Nutty!Buffy... Nuffy? Ooh, I like that! Anyhow, Nuffy couldn't manage to kill Spike, although that's canonical so we'll give her a pass, and then she spent most of her time running away from evil. What's up with that? Then she let herself get killed by Drusilla! Sigh. We lose.

Oz is very strange to play. Usually the character has similar skills to Xander, but when the moon is full, he becomes a werewolf who is even more powerful than Buffy. Unfortunately, the full moon in the game is not nearly as predictable as it is in real life, so it's easy for him to get caught in human form. I want to work on some later scenarios. The game came out after S4, so the possible villains end with Adam. I have a Glory scenario that I found on the net that needs some tweaking, and I've been kicking around some ideas for an S6 scenario.

I started cutting the sides for the bookcases. It seems I'm finally getting the hang of maneuvering huge sheets of plywood on the table saw. I have eight planks cut to length, but I cut them a little wider than needed so that I could give them a more controlled pass through the saw to shave off the last 1/16th of an inch. So that's next, followed by the drilling of 800+ little holes.
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