February 4th, 2003


Not Much Going on at All

The two main BitTorrent websites were off-line today, which was a pain, because I really needed to download theis week's Angel. Otherwise, I don't get to see it for real until Friday. Fortunately, I found the torrent on IRC, and it is downloading as I write this.

Last night I downloaded the first episode of Dick Wolf's version of Dragnet. Ed O'Neill is Joe Friday, and it's kind of odd having him there instead of Jack Webb. He plays Friday a lot more human than Webb did, at least more human than Webb's second time around. I watched some of the fifties' episodes one time, and Webb wasn't nearly as stiff in those. Certainly the sensiblity is a lot more modern. I can't imagine the following lines ever being uttered in Webb's version of Dragnet:

Friday (talking about evidence left behind by a possible serial killer): Pre-mature ejaculation?

Smith (Ethan Embry): Yup, we've got a squirter.

Me: Holy mother of god.

Got my hair cut today for the first time since sometime in October. I was really getting pretty shaggy there.
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