February 7th, 2003


Friday Five - Food!

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn't have breakfast, why not?

Yoplait french vanilla yogurt and orange juice.

2. What's your favorite cereal?

Cold cereal, probably Quaker Oat Squares. I don't eat cold cereal a lot. Hot cereal, Ralston.

3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change?

At a real restaurant with other people? When I'm playing volleyball, at least once a week. Otherwise it's pretty rare, maybe once a month unless I'm traveling.</b>

4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that?

There's cooked boneless chicken breasts in the fridge, so I'll probably have one of those somehow. No recipes will be harmed in the creation of tonight's dinner.

5. What's your favorite restaurant? Why?

Don't get me started. I could do a chapter on NOLA alone. Here's a few:

Commander's Palace - New Orleans. My absolute favorite. Fabulous food, phenomenal service. Veal Chop Tchoupitoulas, bread pudding souffle with whisky sauce... gah!

The Berghof - Chicago. Great German food, which I can't get in any way shape or form in Rhody.

Molly Malone's - Whippany, NJ. Haven't been there in awhile, but it's a bar that always has Irish music on weekends. I saw Doug Flutie throw the hail mary pass on TV here way back when.

Old N'awlins Cookery - New Orleans. I've actually eaten here more often than at Commanders, because it's right across the street from the hotel I stay at in the Quarter.

Cafe du Monde - New Orleans. Beignets. Nuff said.

Other New Orleans - Bacco, Mulate's, Patout's Cajun Cabin, and one more place on Dauphin whose name escapes me. The food at K-Paul's is excellent, but the wait drops it off the list.

Finally, the Outback - Everywhere, USA. You can keep Ruth's-Chris and Dickie Brennan's and all those other fancy pants steakhouses. The Outback is da bomb. Even if it is a huge chain.
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