February 15th, 2003


I Hate Working on Saturday

Especially since I'd been planning to go to Boskone. I've never been to a con. Hal Clement was going to be there. I even managed to find my old copy of Needle in hopes of getting it autographed. Double rats.

The problem is that we sent out latest catalog to our new printer on January 31. Tuesday they let us know that the files do not meet their specifications for electronic submission. Me, "Oh, and what would those specifications be?" Them, "Didn't your sales rep give you a copy of our electronic submission guide?" Me, "Nope!" Them, "Okay, we'll send you a copy. By the way, if we don't have the revised files by Monday, we won't meet your deadline." Me, "Bye, bye Boskone..."

Most of it was that we had a bunch of four-color images that we wanted them to print as grayscale, and they won't do it. Our old printer did it for us. What this meant was that I had to convert all the color pictures to grayscale, then go into the PageMaker files and replace the color pictures with the grayscale ones. This took most of Friday and most of today. I also have to send them the files, all 1.1 GB of them, to their ftp site, but at least I can do that from home, so I burned the files onto a couple of CDs, and they're uploading as we speak. It's going to take awhile.

Last night was fun. Ellen, Nutty, and I ate pizza and drank beer and watched Farscape, then Sharpe's Waterloo. We were supposed to go see Casablanca at the Brattle, but I got stuck in traffic, so we went with plan B. I left directly from work, deliberately chose my route to avoid the worst traffic, and it still took me more than two hours to get to Nutty's. Sigh...
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