March 26th, 2003


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Got twenty-nine catalog pages of the required forty formatted before I left work tonight, so I'm in pretty good shape on that debacle. I should be able to have the whole thing ready to review tomorrow afternoon, which means I probably won't have to rush overmuch on Friday. Yay for small favors.

My luck remains consistent. On the drive home I got to watch as a squirrel scampered out onto the road and got squashed by the SUV in front of me. Really didn't need to see that. Then, later on when I was taking a walk, some jackass in a Volvo not only tried to blind me with his high beams, but he also felt he had to lean on the horn as he drove by me. I suppose he was worried I was going to jump down off the sidewalk and scamper in front of his car. Could've been worse. Could've been raining. Oh, wait, it was. Started while I was still about a mile from the house.

On the plus side, the bookcases are all assembled! Finished #4 tonight before I went for the walk, and even cut, fit, and attached the soffits to the headers. So all that remains is to stain, varnish, and install them. Then I need to add a face frame to the whole unit, and make a bunch of shelves. Piece of cake.
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