March 31st, 2003



Varnished one of the bookcases tonight with satin polyurethane. Great stuff. It goes on quick, it washes out with warm water, and you can put the second coat on after two hours, so I should be able to get the other three done before the weekend. Woo! Then I just have to figure out the easiest way to get them into the backroom without damaging them. They aren't heavy, just big and awkward. With that in mind, I decided not to rely just on the brads to hold the back panels on, because the panels were popping off the brads as I was staining. So I going back and adding some staples to supplement the brads. The staple do a much better job of holding the panel in place. Should've used them in the first place. At least it was an easy fix.

I've put aside The Silmarillion again, and I'm starting Murder Must Advertise. This was prompted by a conversation today in Literary about Wimsey, and the fact that I just a couple of weeks ago found an amazingly inexpensive boxed set of the Petherbridge/Walter TV adaptations at Newbury's. Watched Strong Poison tonight. I'd seen it before when it was originally broadcast, but that was a while ago, and I read the book not long afterwards. Since then, I've seen Reversal of Fortune, and I couldn't help but think that Alan Dershowitz would have a field day defending the murderer. The tactics Lord Peter uses to unmask the criminal are reminiscent of what Sunny Von Bulow's kids used to try to prove that Claus put her in the coma, and Wimsey goes far beyond what they did. Burglary, trickery, impersonation, infiltration, outright lies, Wimsey will do anything to save his true love, who doesn't even love him back.
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