April 2nd, 2003


Everybody's Doing It - Two Memes for the Price of One

Meme 1

1. What does your first name mean?

Rich or blessed guard. It's the name of a man who was both a king and a saint.

2. What does your middle name mean?

I have a double middle name, after a saint, one of the founders of the Jesuits. The first name means Frenchman, and the second is derived from a Basque place meaning "the new house", where the saint was born.

3. What does your last name mean?

I have no clue. I suspect it's a place name, but google has failed me. It's also just possible it means "Owner of large bus company."

4. So what does your name mean when put together?

Blessed guardian, saint, from somewhere unknown.

5. What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender?

Marie Anne, after my mother's mother and sister. Number one sis wound up with it.

6. Any other name oddities?

I'm a III, so I have the same name as my father and grandfather. By coincidence, my brother has the same double middle name, which was the name of my mother's father.

Meme 2:

1. Do you like your name?

Yes. It is the best name ever.

2. What do you like best about it?

Everything. The first name is of a king and a saint. Plus I have an extra middle name that starts with 'X'.

3. What do you like least about it?

Stupid frelling jokes about talking horses.

4. If you HAD to change your name (witness protection program, whatever), what would you want it to be?

My confirmation name (which I chose) is Richard. I'm also partial to Robert. If my parents had ever had another boy, it was supposed to be named Robert. My parents had three boys followed by four girls, and the doctors were predicting that every one of my sisters was going to be a boy, so by the time that my sister Jane was born, that they didn't have a girl's name picked out for her. It wasn't until after she was born that we knew what to call her.

If I'd ever had a son, I would probably have named him Robert Edward or Edward Robert.
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