April 15th, 2003


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Gorgeous day today, so I took a bike ride when I got home. Short, only eight miles down to the cemetary and back. The wind was stiff, and coming right up Rt. 2, which made for slow going on the way out, but very easy coming back. I should've worn something over my t-shirt, though. It was chilly.

The bike needs a tune-up badly. It's squeaking, the crank is making grindy noises, and the rear wheel is a little out of true. Not at all pleasant to ride right now. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe I'll take it up to Casters.

Then I had to do something unpleasant.

Oh, almost forgot. I had blood drawn for my cholesterol test today, and it actually frelling hurt. For the record, I'm incredibly squickish about having my blood drawn. When the needle gets near the skin, I look away until it's out. The little pinprick never bothers me, and it normally doesn't hurt, but today my whole left arm started hurting while the blood was flowing, and it's still way more sore than it usually is. Very strange. The only good thing is that now I can stop cramming for the exam, and maybe have some ice cream.
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