April 25th, 2003


There is a Season

It was a cool, sunny evening, and the grass was green and thick, so I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. I enjoyed it, although I know that feeling will wear off as the summer continues. Still, I don't mind doing my lawn that much. Compared with the old place, where it took three hours on a riding mower to do the whole yard, my lawn takes an hour with my little, self-propelled rotary mower.

I also used it as an opportunity to look over the yard to see what needs to be done out there. I'm going to have to do some more hacking at the evil thicket for one thing, as it's starting to encroach again. I also want to get rid of the last of the midget junipers along the north wall, because they're ugly and useless. I also really need some kind of garden shed. Getting real tired of covering the mower up with a tarp every time I'm done with it.

Stopped at the depot, and as I feared, they no longer have any of that maple/birch plywood that I used for the bookcases. That means that I'll need to make a few of the shelves from straight birch plywood, which is a shame because I preferred the look of the maple. I did find a nice piece of 1" x 4" maple stock for the header of the face frame, so I can start working on the face frame this weekend, too.

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