April 26th, 2003



So, I pulled a muscle in my left leg (right at the top of the quad) last night while I was cutting the lawn, probably when I was trying to start the mower. It was mildly irritating while I was following the mower around the yard last night, but not that bad. I forgot about it after I came in, didn't even bother to ice it. Big mistake! It stiffened up after I went to sleep, and now everytime I move that leg it's a new experience in pain. Bother. I'm hoping it will loosen up some as the day goes on, so I can actually be productive. If not, I'll just sit on the sofa and read, and otherwise act like a turnip.

ION, I just opened the curtains in my office area and noticed that the rhododendron under the window is starting to bloom. Woo!
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    "Crackerbox Palace" - George Harrison