May 13th, 2003


Fool for Love

Hec and JZ are getting married! This makes me insanely happy. Hec is probably my oldest friend on, a wonderfully kind and generous man, and JZ is such a delight, the best seekrit girlfriend a person could have. They so deserve each other. It seems lots of people already knew. I didn't, but it was still pretty obvious that something was going on, even from this distance. I am such a sap for romantic happy endings.

Otherwise, my life continues down the rut marked "Boring". Turns out there is no fuel filter for my lawnmower, so now I need to take everything apart and look for the clog. Bother.

The weather has been strange and unsettled. Yesterday, it was raining in the am, then the sun came out at lunch, then rain right after work, then it cleared. This morning was brilliantly sunny, not a cloud in the sky, but now, two hours later, it is almost completely overcast.

Now I have to work on a chemical hygiene plan. I anyone out there could find it in their heart to please shoot me now, I'd be forever grateful.
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