May 17th, 2003


Sunny Saturday

Had a reasonably productive day. I'd been procrastinating on the final steps on the bookcases, but today I finally got around to putting a coat of stain on the face frame pieces. Tomorrow morning I'll do the final fit of the pieces, and put on a second application of the stain. Not a lot of progress, but some.

Meanwhile, it dawned on me last night that I'm having my first ever stay-over guests coming here in less than a month, and the house looks like several bombs went off inside it. So for a good part of the day I was up in the attic cleaning and rearranging stuff. Why the attic? Because my friends will be sleeping in the back room, because it's nice, which means I have to clean off the bed in the attic so that I'll have someplace to sleep. Yup, my actual bed is up in the attic, where it's been since I moved in. The first six months I lived here that's where I slept while I was renovating the back room. It's actually quite nice up there. There's a rug, and a night stand, and a lamp. Just no actual walls to speak of. I only moved downstairs when winter rolled in (no heat up there).

Anyway, since then big huge piles o'stuff had built up on and around the bed. (Nope, I have no idea how they got there. I think the junk all migrated on it's own.) So I now have a couple of new piles, one destined for the dumpster at work, and the other for the Salvation Army. What I really ought to do is go up there once a week for the next year and do the same thing. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have actually made a dent in it all.

After all the stair up-and-downing, I threw the bike in the back of the truck, and headed for the bike path. Did eighteen miles. Also managed to inhale a bug.

Tonight it's laundry. Envy the excitement that is my life...
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