May 21st, 2003


Grr... Arrgh...

Watched the Buffy finale with the Somervillains last night. Almost didn't go, because I had a headache, and I was feeling really pissy when I left work. So glad I went anyway. Had huge piles of fun, drank lots of beverages, ate tasty treats, and talked about all sorts of interesting stuff. Had almost the full contingent in attendence, and got to meet snacky for the first time. Also, it turns out that vwbug is way more evil than anyone could have possibly predicted, because she managed to keep the fact that msbelle would be attending a secret from everyone. Thus each and every one of us got to have a moment of surprised recognition and delight when we realized who was amongst us. (Victor and I looked out the window when we heard a car door slam, and we saw vw walking up to the door with someone in tow we didn't immediately recognize. She sort of looked familiar, and then I noticed she was dressed all in pink and I knew...)

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In other news, I've only read eighteen of the books on that BBC list, and if you take off Rowling and Tolkein, it's down to twelve. Also, it's entirely possible that I didn't actually read Crime and Punishment or The Great Gatsby, but rather read the Monarch Notes versions. It's been a while...

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