June 8th, 2003


Inside Look

Beat. Been cleaning like mad to make Casa Machina habitable for guests next weekend. Kitchen and bath got done yesterday, living room and office today. Mostly. Still have to do the back room so A & D have somewhere to sleep wjile they're here. Also, since the sun decided to peek out for a little while this afternoon, I was able to get the lawn mowed. Seriously thinking that my next woodworking project should be an ark...

Finished Ray Davies' X-Ray while en-route to LA. Really enjoyed it a lot. Ray writes well, and the later parts of the book have a lot of stuff I'd never heard before. The novelish parts of the book are okay, and it was fun to discover the sources of some of the characters in Ray's songs: Terry and Julie, Arthur, David Watts. The book ends somewhere in the early 70s, and the end is keyed to two events, Pete Quaife leaving the band, and Ray's divorce and loss of custody of his daughter. It's a sad way to end it, although now I know the back story for "Art Lover."

I suppose I could go out now and read Kink, Dave Davies' book, as a rebuttal to big brother Ray's book, but I'm not nearly as interested. As much as I love Dave's guitar work, it was Ray's songs that kept me buying albums. (I actually this conversation one time. A friend of mine stated that if she were asking questions of the people in a band, she'd ask them of the best musician, and I responded that I'd rather ask them of the song writer, because that's usually why I listen to a band. I even used Ray and Dave as examples, and was rewarded with the blank look of "Who's Ray Davies?" Sigh...)

Also read In Death Ground by David Weber and Steve White, one of a series of novels based on the Starfire space combat game system that Weber helped design. There are no aspirations to great literature here whatsoever. Characterization is almost non-existent. It's basically porn for space fleet combat junkies like me, and it's fun. I'd read the book a few years ago, and have been patiently awaiting the sequel since, because the book ends with a cliffhanger and a big old "To be continued" sign. The sequel (The Shiva Option) finally came out, so I did a quick reread to figure out where things had been left. Now I'm working on Shiva. God, how I love the smell of fusion explosions in the morning.
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