June 27th, 2003


Friday is Meme Day...

Deus Ex Machina (PG)
(Adventure/Caper Comedy/Mystery/Spy)
Starring Pierce Brosnan and Nicole Kidman
Also Featuring Derek Jacobi, Kevin Kline, Eliza Dushku, and Ann Magnuson

Directed by Sam Raimi
Screenplay by Joss Whedon

Projected Budget Range: $60-69 Million
Planned Release Date: June

Projected Box Office Receipts:

$13.14 million (Opening Weekend)

$91.30 million (Total Domestic Gross)

Chance of getting Oscar Nomination: 5%
Chance of winning at least one Oscar: 1%

Critic Most Likely to Praise: Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
Critic Most Likely to Skewer: Ron Wells, Film Threat

Wow, Ebert liked it! A lot!

The birthday quiz/meme/thing (last seen at helvirago's LJ):

Of unusual beauty (Yes, my beauty breaks cameras.)
Does not want to impress (Depends on who's watching.)
Well-developed sense of justice (Nuke the bastards!)
Vivacious (Um... No.)
Interested (Yawn...)
A born diplomat (Nuke the bastards!)
But irritate and sensitive in company often due to a lack of self-confidence (Even a blind squirrel finds the nut once in awhile.)
Acts sometimes superior (Sometimes?)
Feels not understood (You're not paying attention!)
Loves only once (Not for lack of trying...)
Has difficulties in finding a partner. (No kidding. Didn't you read the other answers at all?)
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Friday Five

1. How are you planning to spend the summer?
I don't get summers off, ya miserable kid, ya, I work for a living. I do plan on heading up to Acadia National Park in Maine with my v-ball friends at the end of July-beginning of August to camp and bike and hike.

2. What was your first summer job?
I was a caddy at my grandfather's country club when I was 15. I was a lousy caddy. I did learn how to play golf, and got to play on a nice course for free. And in case you're wondering, no, it wasn't anything like Caddyshack.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go?
Someplace cooler. Hey! Maine! There's an idea!

4. What was your worst vacation ever?
I was in New Orleans for PittCon two years ago, and decided to stay an extra few days for a vacation. I came down with the flu on the last day of the show, and spent most of my vacation weekend in my expensive hotel room with a fever.

5. What was your best vacation ever?
Both trips I took to Spring Training in Florida were wonderful, but the first was probably a touch better for what I got to see (shuttle launch, for one thing).
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