June 28th, 2003


It's not Raining...

The weather has broken a bit. It's neither as hot nor as humid as yesterday, and it's not raining at all. Not a drop. On the weekend. Imagine that.

Went for rides the last two nights, and what a difference. Thursday night was hot and humid, but it wasn't at all bad riding. There was a slight breeze, and there's always a breeze from the motion of the bike. It may have been hot, but it was pleasant. Last night, not so much. Pretty much the same conditions except that the humidity was cranked up to eleven. Miserable. Didn't matter that there was a breeze, or that the bike was moving. It was like biking through a bowl of hot soup. Feh.

Will probably hit the bike path tomorrow. No biking today. Instead, the gutters are finally going to get what for, and then there will be some exploring of antique shops.
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