June 30th, 2003



Okay, I signed up. Peer pressure is a tough thing, and I cracked. Anyhow, this morning on my Friendster homepage there was this update:

Pure evil
is in your
personal network

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Well, it took the Buffistas less than twenty-four hours to crash friendster. Heh.

As I said earlier, there's not much there for me. Even if I was of a mind to use it for it's intended purpose I wouldn't be able to. Just for grins, I tried a search for single women aged 40 - 50 among the 3400 some odd friends in my network, and it came back with zip. Expanding the search to ages 35 - 50 gave five hits, the oldest being 37. I'm just too frelling old for this stuff. Good thing I wasn't planning on using it.


Speaking of friends, my random LJ befriender has come to her senses and de-friended me. Such is the fleeting nature of internet relationships.


Last week I finally got around to using a Christmas gift certificate I got for an outfit called Movies Unlimited, and I ordered three DVDs. They were waiting at my door when I got home tonight. One is Arsenic and Old Lace, a movie (and a play) that I love. The other two DVDs are different versions of Much Ado About Nothing, another favorite of mine. I wanted the DVD of the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson version as a replacement for the copy I taped off Masterpiece Theatre, and saw that they also had the Joseph Papp NYSF TV production from 1973 with Sam Waterston and Kathleen Widdoes in the leads. I had seen it when first broadcast, but not since, so I figured why not. So I got both.

Watched the Papp version tonight. Papp sets the play in Teddy Roosevelt's America. I'm not sure I see the point, but you get used to it. Waterston and Widdoes are terrific. I was looking at IMDb later to see what Widdoes had done since, and was amused to see she once played a judge on Law and Order. There were also a lot of semi-familiar faces in the cast, people who probably had bit parts in seventies TV shows. The only name I actually recognized was Lindsay Crouse (who was in the ensemble), but I recognized the friar immediately as the guy who played the archbishop of NY in Ghostbusters. It was fun.

Tomorrow, Cary Grant as Mortimer Brewster.


I saw these keyboards, LCD monitors, and mice mentioned in this month's Fine Woodworking, and now I want a set in cherry or mahogany. The mice are only $99. They're all very pretty.


Speaking of woodworking, I finally started making some shelves for the bookcases yesterday. Go me.
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