July 10th, 2003


Life Goes On...

It was a lovely day, cool and breezy. Didn't get home in time to head down to the bike path, but I was able to do 16 miles around here. I was pushing some, so both knees were a little sore by the end. Total mileage for the year is already past last year's total, so go me! Ate too much pasta for dinner, though.

I have errands to do after work tomorrow, so probably no ride. I'll do the path Saturday, and see what happens Sunday. I have to go up to Victor and Lea's Sunday noon to help Lea build a replacement computer from a bunch of old parts.

I also need to start getting serious about the homeownership again. I've been procrastinating on making shelves for the bookcases for no good reason. (There was *a* good reason in that I needed to buy a bunch of #0 biscuits to use to attach the facings to the shelves, but I went to Sears the next day and took care of that, like, a week and a half ago.)

I also need to start working on the living room. Lots to do, and given my tendency to delay, I'll be a long time doing it. The carpet and padding has to be pulled up and thrown out. The walls need to be scrubbed, spackled, and painted. The woodwork around the windows and front door needs to be replaced. And I need to install some kind of flooring, so I need to take a trip up to Lumber Liquidators in Dedham some time soon to see what they have.
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