July 20th, 2003


Be Nice to Yourself - Saturday

Progress report on the msbelle Be Nice to Yourself project:

Videos watched:
* The Crimson Pirate
* three episodes of Futurama
* three episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus
* A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Computer game played:
* Master of Magic

Ice cream eaten:
* Yes

I also went to a cook out at Marnie's last night which was supposed to be for planning the Maine trip, but wound up being a discussion about how many people had dropped out of the trip. I dropped out because I don't quite see the point of driving seven hours each way just to sit around at the campsite reading while everyone else is off hiking, biking, and playing golf. (Actually, I probably could play golf, because we usually get carts and ride, but... Also, Dale is in much the same boat with her bad knee so I suppose I could have gone sightseeing with her, but I already did the sightseeing thing back when my knee was hurt a few years ago.) Sharon was iffy about going to start with, but now definitely isn't because she's pregnant (and worried about it), which as usual I'm the last to find out, but yay for her and DH. Finally, another couple from volleyball (who I don't know very well) was originally going to go, but dropped out this week because they've decided instead to separate after seventeen years of marriage (WTF?). So there was much to discuss last night. I hadn't yet mentioned my problems to any of the group prior to last night, so I got sympathy and hugs. I turned over the paperwork for the campsite to Mark and Shelby, and they're going to try to find someone else to take over my share of the site so I can get my half of the money back. That'd be nice. Dale was kind of bummed because I was going to be her ride up, but she managed to talk Marnie's daughter into riding up with her, so she's all set.

It was nice to get out and spend time with friends on a lovely evening. There was plenty to eat, and it was easy to avoid added salt. A burger with a slice of tomato, a couple ears of corn w/o butter or salt, green salad w/o dressing. I did very much want some of the tortilla chips with Topher's mango salsa, but I refrained. Stayed about three hours and really didn't feel tired until I was back home.

Today's plan is to pick one of the multitude of unbuilt plastic model kits I have stored in the basement and build it. Or something else along those lines.
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