August 4th, 2003



So, I had a weekend in which I pretty much did nothing, as part of a vacation that finishes up today in which I pretty much did, you guessed it, nothing. The only time I left my house since Wednesday to do anything other than to go to the post office was when I had dinner with friends on Thursday. The rest of the time I just sat around being bored. Didn't even read much. Played some computer games, and watched a few DVDs. Friday and Saturday I watched a bunch of Thunderbirds episodes. Saturday night I watched FotR, then I watched it again Sunday morning with the cast commentary turned on. I hadn't listened to any of the commentaries before. There's some interesting stuff, although some of it made me blink a bit. EW made a comment about the Rivendell set being in a state of perpetual autumn to represent the fact that the elves were in the autumn of their time in Middle Earth. Well, maybe, but I think the fact that it's *October* probably had more to do with it.

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