August 10th, 2003


Off the Shelf

Finished gluing up the last of the bottom shelves last night, so they were all ready to be trimmed up this morning. Cut them to the correct depth on the table saw, then trimmed the facing flush to the top of the shelf with the router. The bottom shelves are deeper than the rest of the shelves will be, because they extend out past the footer about half an inch. That means the front corner of each shelf need to be notched so that they fit around the face frame of the cases. I did the notches with a straight bit on the router table. Worked like a charm, and the router bit left the back end of the notch with a quarter circle that fit the quarter rounded back edge of the face-frame perfectly. After that it was just a matter of sanding them, and putting on the first application of stain. I'll do a second application to the visible surfaces tomorrow night, then put two or three coats of polyurethane on them to finish them. Next weekend I'll start in on the rest of the shelves.

The puddle in the basement is now just a slowly vanishing damp stain on the concrete. I did finally soak up most of the water last night with some towels, then rolled the dehumidifier into the center of what was left, and let it go. Worked like the proverbial charm. The heat from the compressor evaporated the water on the floor, and then all that water vapor condensed and was trapped. So the basement is mostly dry now. In other homeowner type news, I also did some repairs in the bathroom. The towel rack is now much more firmly attached to the wall.

On the health front, I still haven't ridden my bike, but otherwise I feel mostly human again. Collapse )

I also had my first cup of coffee (okay, mocha) in a month yesterday morning, and I had a beer with dinner for the first time in a month. The doc had never specifically prohibited caffeine or alcohol, but I was avoiding them just to be sure. Turns out caffeine really doesn't do anywhere near as much to blood pressure as salt. I don't drink a lot of coffee anyway, but it was nice for a change.

I was going to ride this afternoon, but as I was getting ready it started raining again. Sigh. Stoopid weather.
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