August 16th, 2003


Stocks and Locks

Bother. I could have sworn I had bought enough maple stock to build the rest of the shelves, but it turns out I only have enough for about half of them. I still need about twenty-four feet of 1x3. I mean, I know I was doing the figuring in my head at the Depot when I bought the original batch in the first place, but I only got about half of what I needed. Anyway, it means a trip to the Depot later, which is just down the street, but it's Saturday in the suburbs, and the place will be a zoo. What's really scalding is that I was already there this morning, and if I'd known, I could've already taken care of it.

I didn't actually buy anything when I was there earlier. I was checking the prices on entry door locksets. When I bought my house, they gave me two keys, both of which fit the side door, but neither of which fit the front door. I've been meaning to replace both locksets ever since. The thing is, I want to replace them with lever action locksets, as opposed to standard round doorknobs. They're just so much easier to open when your hands are full. The problem is that most of the lever action models on the market have a curved lever, so they are manufactured for either right-handed doors or left-handed doors, but not both. I have one of each. I could get the same style for each, but I wouldn't be able to get matching keys for both doors, which I could if they were both left- or right-handed. The Depot had two symmetric straight lever sets that I could use. The first was the cheapest brand they sell at $15 apiece, which was okay, but I would rather buy something that's more likely to last. The other was an industrial grade lever at $70 a set, which is exactly the same as the sets we have on the doors at work. Nuh uh. What I want is something in the $30 range. I'll have to take a ride up to Lowe's and see what they carry.
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