August 21st, 2003


Time for Bed

Spent the evening getting the truck ready to help noradeirdre move on Saturday. Replacing the fiberglass lid with the tonneau cover was easier than I expected, although I think it'll be a lot trickier getting the lid back on later. Cleaned out the back of the truck. Man, there was a lot of stuff back there, mostly because I was too lazy to move it into the house. Okay the bicycle I had put back there because I expected to get down to the bike path at some point this week, but some of the other stuff has been there for months.

Finished Sweet Silver Blues today. The early Garrett books are so much fun. I hadn't read it since I started watching Buffy, though, so I had to get used to the fact that Cook's take on vampire's is very different than Whedon's. Next up is another Garrett novel, the second, Bitter Gold Hearts.
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    "The Winter Long" - Strawbs