September 8th, 2003



Took the rear wheel up to Caster's to get it fixed. When I took it off the bike I noticed that it wasn't just bent, I'd actually broken two spokes on the sumbitch. Which I then rode on another ten miles or so. So, another new wheel, plus the tires needed replacing, and I've just sunk another $92 into the bike, bring the total for the year to about $260. I paid $300 for it new. Bother. At least it'll be ready tomorrow.

I really should look for a new bike in earnest. Although that does nothing about the fact that I keep breaking rear wheels. The guy at Caster's asked if I'd skidded out at all, because that could've stressed the wheel, and I remembered the two skids down at the corner.

The tire on the truck is still leaking slightly. I'm hoping for the best, but I suspect it's unfixable. Bother times two. These tires are *way* more expensive than my Subaru tires.
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