September 16th, 2003


Devoured by Locusts

Last night I got absolutely nothing done. I had such plans, too. I was going to start staining the shelves. I was going to write. Instead, nada.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy when I went to the supermarket. I only needed a few things, but Shaw's was frelling packed. I've never seen lines like that in there. I wondered for a sec if it was the day before Thanksgiving, and no one had reminded me. Got home to find a note from UPS saying that they tried to deliver my keyboard, but they needed my signature, and could I please skip work tomorrow so that I could sign for it. Nuh uh. Went to their web site, and after a bit of poking around was able to redirect it to my work address. (And it just came in the door, woo hoo!)

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Al and I talked for a while, and by the time we were done it was around 11:30, so no staining, and no writing, although I did get a good idea on how to structure the fic based on another fic I'd read earlier in the day. It means some rewriting of what I've already got, but it makes sense to do it that way. Now I just need to find some time. Given that the keyboard that I've been waiting for with such anticipation is finally here, it probably won't be tonight.
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