November 18th, 2003



Gorgeous day today. Still sniffling and coughing a bit, but I seem to have weathered the cold better than last year. Yay for better health. Had blood drawn this morning for my annual cholesterol test. I celebrated that fact tonight by making sauerbraten for dinner, and having dulce de leche ice cream for dessert. I am currently watching the EE (extra Eowyn) version of The Two Towers. I call that a good evening.

I picked up TTT-EE at Sam's tonight as a birthday present to myself. I also bought a cell phone, the first I've ever owned. Welcome to the 21st century. It's a Tracfone, so there's no plan, other than you need to pay a fee to keep it activated (I get a year of activation with the phone), and the calls are paid for by phone cards. It's all I need. I really only plan to use it for emergencies, and on those odd occasions when I need to make a call on the road. I've always sort of considered it a point of honor that I've never owned one, but there are times when I can see the need.
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