November 25th, 2003


Short Week

So, I wrote a filk commemorating shrift's, er, interaction with the local fauna yesterday. It was fun. One thing that struck me, however, was that I realized that I haven't written a show-based filk in a while. The last one I did was about Connor dumping Angel into the ocean. Just haven't been inspired, I guess. I have written a couple about people that I know. I did one for the flealet that I ought to post at some point, too.

Sunday was fun. I got taken to brunch by veejane, theodosia, ellenbs, and Jon B. It was yummy. Then we went back to Vee's apartment to watch the extended edition of TTT. Watched with the cast commentary on, and watched a couple of the extras. Great fun. Thanks to all.

Started my reread of Return of the King yesterday in anticipation of the film coming out. Let's see how much progress I can make over the weekend. I've gotten a big batch of books in from Amazon the are TBR, too, a couple of new Sharpe books, a collection of stories set in the Honor Harringtonverse, and The Subtle Knife. I also have copies of The Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon that I swiped from my mother that need reading. I need more hours in the day.

Tonight, laundry needs to be done in anticipation of heading to Jersey for Thanksgiving. Staying with brother #2, as usual. Dinner is at baby sis's. Friday it's down to Old Bridge to see Alex, then home again on Saturday sometime. I'm going to try to do some Christmas shopping, as well. Started my official Christmas list last night. There are twenty-six people (twenty are family) on it that I need to get presents for. Yeesh! I have already picked up a few things, but there's a still a lot for whom I have no idea what to get yet. OTOH, I was pretty much done getting my mother's gifts when I got an e-mail she broadcast to all the sibs yesterday telling us NOT to buy her anything this year. Not gonna happen, ma. I'm also pretty much done getting everything I need for my Seekrit Santa gift, so that's under control.
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