January 1st, 2004



So, I made three resolutions last year. How did I do?

First, I resolve to work on at least one home improvement project each weekend this year.

Well, ummm, not nearly as well as I could've. I still haven't finished the set of bookcases I started last January, and I let them get in the way of a lot of other projects that needed doing. The first order of business this year is to finish the last batch of shelves, then start working on the living room.

Second, I resolve to lose some more weight, and to exercise more.

This I actually did pretty well on, despite it being my worst year for health problems ever. I rode the bike a lot, my second highest yearly mileage total ever, and if it hadn't been for the layoff in the middle of the summer because of the heart concerns, it probably would've been the highest. I lost twenty-five pounds, although I did gain five back recently, and I'm in better shape right now than I've been in a while. Still need to lose more, though.

So I plan to try to read more, which really means spending less time here on the net late in the evening.

Okay, I didn't spend less time on the net, but I did spend more time reading this year. Read twenty-four books on the year, far more than I'd read the last couple of years. Collapse )

So for the coming year, I think I'll go with the same three resolutions, with emphasis on the first, since that's where I had the most problems in 2003.
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