January 6th, 2004



There are piles and piles of books in my house. If only I had some bookcases...

Most are in boxes up in the attic or in the back room waiting to be shelved, but there are also a considerable number in piles on the stairs going up to the attic. (When Nutty saw my staircase, she said "You belong to a bookclub, don't you?") Folks have been talking about their unread books today, so I did a quick inventory of what's waiting for me on the stairs that I haven't gotten to yet.

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Twenty-five titles right there. Last year, I read twenty-four books. Sigh. There are also a few other unread paperbacks, graphic novels, woodworking books and other non-fiction reference type books, and oh yeah, sixteen assorted titles accidently ordered from the SF Book Club. (Actually, only getting sixteen accidental books in the four years I've lived here isn't really all that bad. I was much worse about responding to the monthyl offers before SFBC set up an on-line rejection system.) Oh and there's a complete set of Ellis Peters' Cadfael mysteries I inherited from my aunt. Sheesh!
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