March 9th, 2004


The Winter of My Discontent

Sunday, when I still thought the water in the basement was coming from outside, I did a quick inspection of the outside of the house to see if there was anything amiss that could explain the influx of water, like a fallen downspout or detached gutter. Nothing was apparent, but I did notice a couple of other things. There are buds on the Bradford pears, and the daffodils have sprouted. Spring is on the way.

So, with that in mind, and after I started getting used to the nice weather we'd experienced since I got back from LA, imagine my dismay when yesterday I woke up to discover that it was snowing. It snowed pretty much all day, a light drizzly snow that never managed to accumulate (probably since the ground had thawed considerably over the last couple of weeks) until about evening, when it also turned cold. This morning it was still snowing, now large, fluffy flakes. Still hadn't accumulated more than half an inch, but it was still cold. Feh. It's now about four hours later, and it's warmed up enough that the tiny accumulation has completely vanished, although it's still grayish outside.

I had in mind talking about how the grayness of the day matches that of my mood, but I don't have the energy. Autopilot will just have to do.
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