March 27th, 2004



Newburys continues to be dangerous to my wallet. Stopped in last night to see if I could find the most recent issue of Tales of the Vampires, but they didn't. However they did have a bunch of Southern Culture on the Skids CDs on sale. I'd been listening to hecubot's entry in the Buffista FrankenMix exchange all week, and really liked SCotS's "40 Miles to Vegas," so I picked up a couple of their albums. Fun stuff. I also got a CD of Kinks covers, and Kingsbury Manx's eponymous debut album, which I'm liking a lot. Then I wandered over to the DVD section. I picked up the entire second season of Stargate SG-1 for $30. Now, I'd never had any plans to buy any of the SG-1 sets. I like the show, but I've never been fanatical about it. It's just that I saw the individual DVDs with the shiny "$5.99" stickers on them, and couldn't help myself. If only collecting Farscape was this cheap.

I haven't really updated much about what I've been reading, because I haven't been doing all the much. Finished Cook's Dread Brass Shadows a couple of weeks ago, and I've been slowly making my way through Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The slowness has nothing to do with the book, it's just that I haven't had much time at lunch over the past couple of weeks, which is when I've been doing most of my reading lately. It's been decades since I last read Moon, but a lot of what I read stuck with me. It's my favorite of Heinlein's novels, which on one hand is really not saying much because I'm "eh" on a lot of his stuff, but I really like this one a lot, even if I do occasionally roll my eyes. He's a great story teller.

Was up in Somerville today for Nora and Tom W's engagement party. Good brunch. Brought some cake home with me. Tomorrow it's off to Tom Z's for basketball and ribs.
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