April 12th, 2004


Yadda, Yadda...

Mending very well. The legs are merely stiff, the facial cuts are healing, and the left wrist is now purple and yellow at the same time. And my knuckles are purple, but they don't hurt at all. My upper arm is tender and swollen, but I just realized that's because of the tetanus shot they gave me there.

Spent the day in Chelmsford taking the first day of a SQL class. It was originally scheduled for Providence, but they didn't get enough registrations, so they moved it here. They offered me free hotel accomodations when they notified me of the switch, and I'm going to try to take them up on it tomorrow. The ride is already getting old. The course has been interesting so far. Lots of team activities. We spent today designing a card catalog/transaction system for the Chelmsford Public Library. My teammate is a guy who lives two towns over from where I grew up in Jersey, and he spent his summers in Newport, so we've actually had stuff to talk about.

And now some book stuff. Collapse )

I finished The Big Sleep over the weekend. More on that another time, maybe from a hotel room in Chelmsford.
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