May 4th, 2004



So, we are in the middle of a quality system assessment by a big, anal federal agency, and I am annoyed. Can anyone explain to me why it is okay for the assessor to fill in his audit checklist in pencil, making erasures and corrections as needed when he makes a mistake, and yet when I accidently write "refrigerator" in pen on my internal audit checklist, and then scratch it out and replace it with "freezer", it's a huge deal because I did not initial and date the change? It's a frelling checklist. If you're going to insist that it's a quality record, then perhaps you should be filling yours out in pen, too. Feh.

Other than that, it hasn't been too bad. We'll see how the second half goes tomorrow.

I have other reasons to be annoyed. I had to root for the Braves tonight. That's always annoying. They were playing the Padres, and the Padres were tied in first with the Dodgers. C'mon Smoltz! Set 'em down. It worked. The Padres lost, and the Dodgers came from behind to beat the Marlins in extra innings, so now they're a game up. That's the good part.

An even more annoying thing is that given where I live, and my cable lineup, if I want to watch a baseball game it's either going to be either the Braves or the Sox, two teams I despise. (I used to be able to watch the Mets (and before that, the Yankees), but Cox dropped WPIX from their lineup.) It's annoying watching games always rooting against the team that the announcers are pulling for. It's like listening to Bill O'Reilly talk about Dubya. It's hard to enjoy a game when you're starting with that negative mind set. And on those rare occasions like tonight where you want the Braves to win, it's like rooting for the lesser of two evils.

I did get to "watch" the last inning of the Dodger game tonight using Gameday at Gameday is basically a gussied up tickertape, the equivalent to watching a game through a Strat-o-Matic interface. Useful for updates, but not so much with the excitement. In the freer days of the internet, you could listen to the games over the web, but then Selig and his cronies noticed that they could charge for the service. It's not expensive, but there's a principle there, so for me live Dodger action is usually reduced to stick men in a pop-up window.
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