May 26th, 2004


Baseball Update

The Dodgers continue to struggle. Two weeks ago they had the best record in baseball. Since then they are 2-9. However, they are still tied in first place because the Padres have been almost as bad. Sheesh. They did win last night, with Alex Cora playing the hero again, starting off a four run rally with a hit in the third, and making a great play to stifle a potential Brewer rally in the fifth. Ya know, you're in pretty tough shape if Alex Cora is your go to guy.

I got to see a little of the game during a rain delay in the Yankees-Orioles game. After the delay, the Yanks beat the daylights out of the O's 11-3. ARod hit a monster home run. The Orioles didn't look all that sharp. Javy Lopez didn't move on a ball in the dirt, allowing a runner to score on the wild pitch. Matos tried to short hop a Matsui single late in the game, but it got by him and rolled to the wall for a triple. There was no reason for him not to get in front of that ball. No one was on base.
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