May 30th, 2004



What a glorious day! It's sunny, the temperature is around seventy, there's a breeze, and there's no humidity to speak of. It's absolutely perfect weather. Would that I could bottle it.

I got to enjoy it because I spent a good chunk of the day doing yardwork. The first thing was the tomato patch. This involved much pulling, spreading, and turning over, and then planting stuff. I never did start any seedlings so I had to buy them. I got tomato and muskmelon plants at Wal-Mart. I usually get them at Schartner's, but they were mobbed this morning. Plus they usually only have a few varieties, and only in four packs. Wal-Mart sells individual pots, and has lots of varieties. I got seven different plants. I do that every year, plant multiple varieties, always with the intention seeing and recording which ones do better, but truth to tell I always forget about it the moment there's actual fresh tomatoes waiting to be picked. I so love fresh tomatoes.

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I also planted some muskmelons called Honeydew.

Next I had to do some serious pruning to the back of the hedge that runs along the north side of my house. My gas meter is behind it, and therein lies a tale. It seems there is a law in RI that the meter must be replaced by the gas company every fifteen years, which by coincidence is the age of my house. Got a call a few months back (like, in February) from the gas company informing me of this, and asking what day would be most convenient for me to take off from work so they could make the switch. I told them I couldn't take time off from work for it. Then they offered me an evening appointment in April, and I said "Fine." It turned out I scheduled it for Tuesday after my accident, when I was staying at the hotel in Chelmsford that week, so I rescheduled it. The next available evening was last Tuesday. Now up until this point, I'd forgotten the fact that the meter is behind the hedge, and is virtually impossible to get at. The hedge doesn't actually touch the house, but there's only a few inches clearance. The gas man showed up as scheduled, took one look at the situation, and told me to clear a space he could get into and reschedule. Which is what I did today.

Most of it was fairly easy. I keep it trimmed near the meter anyway so that there's no problem reading it, but there was one major trunk in the way that had to go, so I had to pull out the chain saw. I love playing with the chain saw, although not so much here in a tight space. Still, it made short work of the trunk. I used pruning shears and the hedge trimmer for the rest, and noe there should be no problem swapping it.

As long as I had the hedge trimmer out, I trimmed the whole hedge. Then I decided to take a look at the two Bradford pears. They both badly needed to have their lower branches pruned, as the ends of the boughs were touching the ground in a few places. I cut off a lot of small to medium sized branches on the tree that was damaged in the storm last year. I would've liked to take off one larger limb that is basically growing sideways a couple of feet off the ground, but given that there's already a huge hole on that side of the tree, I left it. I took the chainsaw to the lower branches of the other tree, removing a lot of extraneous branches. It looks a lot better than it did.

Finally, I took the fiberglass lid off the back of the truck and replaced it with the cloth tonneau cover in anticipation of helping pyrric move tomorrow. I've got this whole lid swapping thing down to a system now. Having the lid off will also make it easier for me to go pick up a new grill to replace the one that got wrecked by the wind last year. I was looking at grills this morning. There's one at the Depot that I like a lot. Would've gotten it, but I just didn't feel like dealing with it today.

Now I'm showered, tired, and sitting here basking in the bright, warm sun shining through the picture window in my office. It's gonna be a lazy evening.
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