June 8th, 2004


Bits and Pieces

The rain finally let up yesterday, leaving behind a lovely day. Today, alas, it's heading towards hot and sticky. Stopped at the Depot to buy a new grill. (The old one was wrecked in the same windstorm that broke my tree last year.) It pretty much a snazzier, 21st century version of the grill I had. And it came assembled, making it the best grill ever in my estimation. Got it home without incident, then went to attach the propane tank from the old grill. It was empty. Grabbed the spare tank. Also nada. Bother. A perfect night for it, and no grilled burger. Now I have three tanks (the new grill also came with a tank) to haul up to Agway for filling this weekend.

The other disappointment was that yesterday I finally realized that the Dodgers were coming to Fenway this weekend to play an interleague series with the Sox. Tried to get tickets for Friday or Saturday, but they're sold out (of course). The thing is that I knew they were coming to town at some point this year, but never bothered to check when. At least they'll be on TV.

Surprisingly enough, given what a fan I am, I only just yesterday got around to reading one of the new Opus strips in the Sunday paper. They've been appearing since October, but Sunday's was the first that I'd seen. I don't buy the Sunday paper anymore. The only reason I got one this week is that the ProJo decided that Reagan dying was important enough that everybody in my development should get a copy whether or not we were subscribers. They did this when the Patriots won the Superbowl, too. Anyway, there it was littering my driveway, so I took a look. Bill the Cat was being reintroduced to the strip. It was okay, nothing special. I can wait until the first collection comes out.
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