June 9th, 2004


Weekly Dodger Report

A bad loss last night to Toronto. Nomo came off the DL to get cuffed around by the Jays, 7-1. The Dodgers were 6-4 over the last ten games, and are barely managing to stay in first. The Padres are tied with them, and the Giants are only a game and a half back, having the luxury of playing Tampa Bay this week. At least the Sox beat the Padres last night.

So, looking forward to the Sox this weekend, it looks like it'll be Perez, Ishii, and Weaver versus Wakefield, Lowe, and Martinez, respectively. Ishii should beat Lowe, Martinez should beat Weaver, which leaves Friday night as a toss up, depending mostly on how well Wakefield's knuckle ball is working versus how successful Perez is at keeping his pitches down. Should be a fun game to watch. The other interesting thing about the game is that it will mark the first time the Dodgers have *ever* played in Fenway Park.

Then next weekend is Dodgers-Yankees. That will be something.
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