June 14th, 2004


No Habla...

So, the Dodgers lost two of three to the hated Sox. The Padres lost two out of three to the Yanks, so nothing has changed in the standings. Still tied in first.

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There was one very funny moment in the ESPN broadcast. Varitek was on first, and the Sox put on a hit and run play, so Varitek broke to second on the pitch, which Millar lofted into right field, an easy catch for Encarnacion. Varitek had his head down on the play, so he had no idea where the ball went. Meanwhile, Izturis and Cora are decoying him by miming a fielder's choice play at second base. Varitek finally wises up to the deception and tries desperately to get back to first before he's doubled up. It would've been an easy out, but Encarnacion made a terrible throw to first, pulling Green off the bag.

The funny part was that as Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were discussing the play, production mentioned to them that ESPN had miked both Cora and Izturis, and that perhaps they could get some insight into the deception from the point of view of the players as it was all going on. So they ran the replay again, this time with the sound tracks from Cora's and Izturis's mikes overlaid. And yes they were yelling at each other during the play. Of course they were both yelling in Spanish...
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