July 2nd, 2004


Small Victories

I have been seriously hating Bill Gates and the Microsoft programming staff lately. This time it's because I've been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get Office 97 to work on my XP machine. Here's the thing. I could install Office 2000, and it would work perfectly, but I've been using Office 97 now for five years. I'm used to it. It's comfortable. As is usual for Microsoft, the folks who developed Office 2000 added some really annoying "features" to the program. The first is that they decided it would be fun to make the open file dialogue look like Outlook, so a big chunk of the window is taken up with useless icons that I would rarely use. The second is that they switched from an MDI (multiple document interface) to an SDI (single document interface) for the programs. In other words, when you open a second document in Word or Excel, it creates a whole new window for it on the desktop. When you open a lot of documents, you get piles and piles of separate windows on the desktop. Annoying as heck. Excel has an option for fixing this. Word doesn't. (There's a work around, but it doesn't really change things.)

The problem is that when I installed Office 97, it was incredibly buggy. (The compatibility options don't change this.) Simply trying to format cells in Excel reliably crashes the program. Word and Access have similar problems. Now Office 97 right off the disk is known to be buggy. MS issued two huge service packs to fix it. So I installed service release 1, it chugged away on the computer, and told me all was right with the world. Then I tried to install SR-2. It merrily chugged away a little bit, but then it told me that it couldn't install itself because SR-1 hadn't been installed yet. WTF? Tried uninstalling everything, then reinstalling. Same thing. I tried this a bunch of times over the last few days, changing compatibility settings and whatnot. No joy.

Did some Googling. It seems SR-1 had a problem when Win 98 first came out, in that it wouldn't update all the files, because Win 98's file optimization routines did something to break the install routine. MS had to release a new version to deal with 98. They won't do that for XP given that they're now two editions of Office along. SR-1 was designed differently than SR-2. SR-1 patches the existing files. SR-2 completely overwrites them, but for some ridiculous reason known best only to MS won't do it if the first patch isn't installed. Makes zero sense, but there it is. I then checked the install logs for SR-1, and it patched some files, but for whatever reason ignored a bunch of others as being incorrect. The results of this are even buggier applications. When you one of the programs asks if you want to save a file, instead of buttons saying "yes," "no," and "cancel" in the dialogue window, you get "no," "cancel," and "yes," but the button marked "no" actually means "yes," and so on. Very strange.

Finally, with nothing left to lose, it occurred to me that I have perfectly good copies of the patched files on my Win 95 machine. If I copied those over the unpatched files, that would essentially be the same as what SR-2 does. As long as SR-2 doesn't make any registry entries I should be okay. So I did that. And it seems to have worked. Excel appears stable. Certainly, it's not crashing when I try to format a cell. Hurrah!

The other thing I installed is Mozilla Firefox rev. 0.9.1. It's a nice browser. It seems much faster than Mozilla. b.org works fine, as does LJ most of the time. Occasionally I get some funky formatting of posts, but then it goes away. The only real annoyance so far is that the bemoved the "bookmarks" button from the bookmarks tool bar, which seems a very strange design decision. You can customize the tool bar to add a bookmarks icon, but it opens as a sidebar instead of as a dropdown. I hate the sidebar.
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Few Victories

Haven't updated on the Dodgers in a while, mostly because I haven't had the heart. They lost six straight, and are 3-10 since I last talked about them. Sheesh. The first Giants series was a disaster, with Dodgers losing four in a sweep. Then the Angels took two out of three over the weekend. In all, the Bums dropped from a game up in first to 3.5 games back, and into third place. I say again, sheesh. This week they did manage to win two out of three from the Giants at Dodger stadium, so they're now in second.

Hideo Nomo, the supposed ace of the staff, was horrible, getting bombed three times. In his last ten starts, he is 0-9, with an ERA of 8.06. He's also already given up 16 home runs. Tracy finally benched after the Giants bombed him the other night, and now I see he's gone on the DL. I doubt he'll be pitching for LA again. (I started working on a filk called "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hideo," based on the Sound of Music song, but I gave it up. Too depressing. Opposing hitters have certainly solved him.)

The one consistent pitcher of late has been Odalis Perez, but he's got tendonitis in his shoulder, and is expected to miss a start. The other pitchers have been so-so. Weaver does seem to be pitching a bit better, which would be very helpful at this point. Nobody's been consistent except for Gagne. Feh.

The other thing is that they are still next to last in the league in runs scored. They are second in batting average, but 14th in walks, and they don't have a lot of power, so they're squandering a lot of opportunities. Take a frelling pitch once in awhile. Early on, they were winning despite that. They were catching all the breaks. Now the odds seem to be evening up. Sigh.

Another series with the Angels this weekend. Joy.
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