July 4th, 2004


It's Hot; I'm Lazy...

It is a lovely holiday weekend so far. Yesterday was another gorgeous day. Today it is near ninety out, but not ridiculously humid, so I can deal. It helps that I finally installed the a/c in the back room Friday night, so I have a place to retreat to.

One can also escape the heat in an air conditioned movie palace. Saw Spider-Man 2 yesterday afternoon with veejane, helvirago, vwbug, and vw's brother. It was entertaining enough. Collapse )

The other annoying thing about the movie was that the guy sitting next to me was completely leaning into my chair. It wasn't just a matter of him hogging the armrest. He was completely over the armrest, and we were leg to leg through most of the film. He wasn't even all that big. Fortunately, the theatre is new and the seats are wide so I was able to squeeze over a bit without impinging on Vee's space.

The funniest thing last night was the reaction vw's brother had to the rest of us picking the film apart afterwards. He was rolling his eyes forever. "It's just a summer film. You're not supposed to think about it." "Hello, have you met us?"

The final verdict? As far as comic book movies go, I liked Hellboy better.

The rest of the night was good. Went to dinner across from Fenway, then back to Chez Virago-Bug for a game of Munchkin. That was great fun, and it was exciting as we were all pretty much even at the end when bug and brother managed to win simultaneously. Hel had the best moment of the night, single-handedly defeating a level 20 Plutonium Dragon whilst wearing a chicken on her head. In the game. No actual poultry were worn.

Today was spent lounging around, watching Hel's copy of Clouds of Witness, another Wimsey miniseries. I made crepes with raspberry syrup for brunch, mostly so I could have a couple of slices of Taylor Ham with it.
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