July 21st, 2004


Eight Straight

Winning streaks are nice. Winning streaks on the road are even better. The Dodgers finished a sweep of Houston last night, following on a sweep of Arizona. Now they come home to face Colorado and the Padres. The Giants are two and a half back (six in the loss column).

The pitching has been good, but not great. Perez still isn't a hundred percent. The hitting hasn't so much been good (which it has) as it has been timely. They finally seem to be scoring runs. Beltre has been on fire. They're still not walking enough, though. OTOH, they don't strike out much either. Put the ball in play, and let the other team make the mistakes.

Spent an hour fixing a computer that had its browser hijacked. This is about the fourth time I've had to unhijack a machine, and I'm getting tired of it. I'm going to propose that we switch the office completely over to Mozilla. More work for me initially, but in the long run I won't have to go nuts.
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