August 16th, 2004



So, the weekend. I spent a lot of time watching the Olympics, obsessing over a computer baseball game, and going to shows aimed at a decidedly younger audience than me.

The game I'll talk about separately once I'm actually to the point of playing games. I finally saw Thunderbirds Saturday night (for $1.99), and it was fun. It was silly and kid oriented, and I would've loved it, I think, when I was originally watching the series. The kid was the same age I would have been, and was doing exactly what I would've wanted to do, i.e., piloting Thunderbird 1. The youthful teenaged angst might have bothered me a little, because after all, the point of all the Supermarionation shows was not the characters, it was the vehicles. Name of the show was Thunderbirds (or Supercar, or Fireball XL-5, or Stingray), not Alan Tracy. I liked the changes they made to T1 and T3, but am less happy about T2. I miss the equipment pods. The acting was fine for this kind of flick, with Kingsley suitably evil, Paxton heroic, Myles beautiful, and Anthony Edwards doing a decent impersonation of Brains. They even found someone who actually looked like Parker (poor chap).

Yesterday, a bunch of us went to see our friend Dale perform in a local production of Suessical. It was good fun, and the performances were excellent. The only problem was that the sound mixing was awful. They must have lost the mike feeds for the leads, or something similar. You couldn't make out what the leads were saying or singing anytime the orchestra was playing, or even when the chorus was singing in the background. It did make me want to get a soundtrack album for the show. Afterwards, we went to the Olive Garden, which was okay for faux Italian.
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