August 18th, 2004


Dinner Out

Tom and family are in the area doing their annual vacation at the RI shore, so last night Tom, Betsy, and I went out for dinner (the Old Wilcox Tavern, very nice). Lots of home improvement and baseball talk. Much discussion of Tim Wakefield. Tom doesn't quite buy my day/night theory on him, pointing out that he does very well in domed stadiums, which lead to discussion of how much of a factor the air currents due to the A/C are. Also, Wakefield got shelled in a night game last Friday. Tom's theory is that over the years Wakefield just has stretches where he loses his touch for awhile, nothing to do with environmental factors at all. I dunno. There's a nice little research project there if I really want to obsess over it.

Dreifort was put on the DL yesterday. He'll miss the rest of the season because of a torn ACL he says happened Monday night, although Jim Tracy said it may have been bothering him for awhile, and that's why he's had such a tough time lately. Sheesh. So, who gets to set up Gagne? Brazoban? Carrera's been very good since joining the team (0.95 ERA in sixteen appearances). The bullpen, which was the best in the majors on July 30, is really looking thin at this point. Still, the Dodgers won last night. Wilson Alvarez pitched well, especially the bases loaded, no outs jam he pitched out of in the seventh. Nice bit of work, that.
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