September 23rd, 2004


The New Posting Box

I was wondering why so many people didn't seem to have the problems with the new posting box, so I switched over to the S2 style posting interface, and hey, it works. The posting box resizes when you change the browser width, and the information boxes rearrange themselves at some point as the window gets narrower. It doesn't work that way in the S1 (or "Classic") interface, which is what I use. The posting box is about a thousand pixels wide, and it doesn't get any smaller, which means that even on my 1024 pixel wide screen, I get a horizontal scroll bar. You'd think the swinging geniuses who designed this frelling thing might have noticed that. Apparently they don't give a fuck.

Where the fuck does one go to give feedback on this thing?

Now What?

In 1965, Sandy Koufax threw 27 complete games. In '66, he did it again. So far this year, the pitchers in the entire National League West have thrown 19 complete games total. I bring this up not so much to show how much things have changed over the years, but rather comment on the state of the Dodgers' starting pitching, because lately they haven't even been getting past the fifth inning. Lets take stock, shall we:

Ishii: Has been inconsistent all season, finally banished to the bullpen after his last start, where he gave up 4 earned runs in 2 1/3 innings.

Nomo: Has been awful all year, and got shelled in his last two outings, giving up 12 ER in 5 innings total.

Jackson: The new kid still doesn't look ready for prime time, 5 ER in 4 2/3 innings in his only September start.

Perez: Has pitched okay, but is still having arm problems so he's not as effective as he can be, plus he's been able only go five or six innings.

Alvarez: Took himself out of the rotation with hip and arm problems.

Penny: Came off the DL last night after pitching without pain in practice, but the nerve problem in his arm came back in the fourth inning, and he took himself out of the game. Done for the year.

Lima: Has a hairline fracture of the thumb on his pitching hand, and missed his last start.

Weaver: Has come back to earth. His last four starts have been shaky.

That leaves the Dodgers with exactly no effective starters. It looks like Lima will be pitching his next start with a broken thumb, Jackson will get Nomo's spot, and Ishii will be back in the rotation. The offense has been keeping them in ballgames, but they're wearing out, and the Dodgers have lost 7 out of 10, and allowed the Giants to get within a half game. Quite frankly, with the starting pitching the way it's been, I doubt the Dodgers will even make it as a wild card team at this point.

The Sox managed to squeak out another win against Baltimore last night, the second night in a row they managed to win by virtue of being the home team. I foresee a tough series the last weekend of the season when they have to play four more against the Orioles at Camden Yard.