September 25th, 2004



Odalis Perez pitched his best game of the year when the Dodgers needed it most, holding the Giants to two runs over eight innings on only three hits. The two runs came on a Bonds homer. Shawn Green celebrated the holiday with a two-run homer of his own, tying the game, and Jose Hernandez hit the game winner. Gagne was a little shaky in the ninth, loading the bases on walks after there were two outs, but he got the last out for the save. Today Jose Lima goes to the mound with a broken thumb on his pitching hand.

The Sox lost the opener of their series with the Yankees. It was an interesting, back and forth game. Francona left Pedro Martinez in the game one inning too long, and paid for it as Pedro gave up the tying and go ahead runs in the eighth. The Yanks got an insurance run in the ninth as Manny badly misplayed a ball that Matsui hit off the wall, allowing Sheffield to score from first. That changed the complexion of the bottom of the ninth quite a bit. The Sox have had good success against Mariano Rivera. Rivera walked Nixon to open the inning, and the Sox pinch ran for Nixon. Now, if they're only down one run in that spot, they probably would've sent in Roberts, who could steal a base if necessary to get the tying run to second. However, if you need two runs to tie, a stolen base isn't worth the risk, so Francona sent in Kapler instead. That brought Jason Varitek to the plate, who's been in a terrible slump against the Yankees. Again, if they're only down a run, you can have Varitek try to sacrifice the runner to second. Instead, he swings away and hits a comebacker to the mound for a 1-6-3 double play. Cabrera then doubled, and Mueller had a chance to be a hero again, but he grounded out to Rivera to end the game.

Today is a great day to watch baseball on the tube. The Cubs are playing the Mets on Fox as I type, to be followed by the Dodgers-Giants game, and then it's the Yanks and Sox on NESN tonight. All baseball, all the time.

[Later in the afternoon...]
[The frelling Cubs couldn't protect a three run lead with two outs in the ninth and the bottom of the order batting, and now we're in extra innings. Damn it! I want to watch the Dodger game...]

[And now we're going to the frelling 11th inning.]

[Okay, game over, but Providence's Fox station isn't showing the game. And Boston's Fox outlet is showing the fucking A's-Angels game. WTF? The Angels are dead. God, I hate living in an American League town.]

[And even worse? Fox Providence is showing a rerun of Andromeda instead of the game.]