October 11th, 2004


My World and Welcome to It...

Annoying, expensive weekend. Took the truck in for a tune up, an oil change, and to have them investigate the annoying metal on metal squeally noise the left front wheel has been making. I was pretty sure it had something to do with the brakes, since it went away when I applied them. Anyway, $400 later I have new front brakes. Feh.

That took up most of Saturday morning, and I spent the rest of the day installing the new hard drive and other upgrades I got for my computer. Collapse )

Today it was lovely out, but the only time I spent outside was mowing the lawn. That was tough on my back. The stabby pain hasn't come back, but it is still very stiff.

In other news, I have a new neighbor. Or maybe neighbors. It's been kind of weird. Earlier this year, my neighbors on one side put their house up for sale, but then took it off the market and stayed put. I have no idea why. Then a couple of months ago, I noticed a little "for rent" sign on the phone pole at the corner which listed the house on the other side of me. It dawned on me at that point that I hadn't seen much of my neighbors lately. The daughter was at the house, home from college for the summer, but I hadn't seen the parents in a while. Apparently they'd moved. The daughter eventually went back to college, and the house had been empty for about a month. This past week, a realtor's "For Lease" appeared on the front lawn, and Saturday there was a new car in the driveway. Today a bunch of sturdy young men were hauling stuff into the house from their pickup trucks. The trucks are gone, so I have no idea who is actually living there yet.

Baseball Thoughts

* The Dodgers did far better than almost anyone expected this year, including themselves. The big trade was still a huge mistake, though. It's tough to win games when your catchers are hitting worse than your pitchers.

* I'm currently watching the Astros crush the Braves, which is good. I've always liked Biggio as a player. He's also another guy who went to Seton Hall. It's hard to believe he started out as a catcher. He's now playing his fourth different position since coming up (C, 2B, CF, LF). Bagwell deserves a shot, too, and Beltran is an amazing player. Plus, I hate the frelling Braves.

* I know it probably isn't true, but every time I hear the tomahawk chop chant it makes me think that every single Braves fan is a fucking redneck. Interesting teams and a great manager, but the chop, Skip Carey (the least impartial announcer there is), and TBS constantly promoting them as "America's" team have pretty much turned me off of them forever.

* Ken Caminiti died today at age 41. He was a pretty good ball player, and was even MVP one year, but he had a lot of demons. Alcohol, cocaine, and steroids shortened his career, and probably his life. Such a shame.

* Houston got 17 hits tonight. The Astros are a great story. They were absolutely dead at the All-Star break, but apparently they were only mostly dead.

* The Yankees and Dodgers led their leagues in come-from-behind wins. It's easy to see why. Both teams had mediocre starters offset by terrific bullpens.