October 13th, 2004


Who's Your Daddy?

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Two pretty interesting games. Lieber pitched a great game. Pedro pitched well, well enough to win if the Sox could've hit. He made only one mistake. One key was that the Yankees made him work hard in the first two innings (45 pitches), using him up. He was only able to go six, and he made that mistake. The Sox are in trouble, even if they are going back to Fenway. It's not just that they're down 2-0. Schilling may not be back, Pedro got beat, and now it's Arroyo and Wakefield, and maybe even Lowe if Schilling can't go. This is not at all how Theo Epstein planned it.

The Astros are also in trouble. They can hit, but they used up their staff getting to the NLCS. By the time they get back to Clemens, they will likely be down 2-0. Here's the question. Would you rather be down 2-0 with your two best pitchers yet to go, or down 2-0 with your two best pitchers already having lost?