November 9th, 2004



Spent Saturday trying to be social after a long layoff. There was a bon voyage party at pix_kristin's house for billytea, who's on a farewell tour of this country before returning to his native Oz. theodosia drove down a little early, and we saw The Incredibles before heading down to Connecticut. The party was fun. There were Muppet Show episodes and Singing in the Rain to watch, two kinds of pie, and a puppy to play with. Can't beat that.

The Incredibles is hugely entertaining, and neat to look at. The story is funny, with a far more adult oriented theme than you find in most films marketed primarily for kids. Collapse )

it's a great movie. Go see it.

Sunday, it was Indian Summer all over again. I made lasagna, and put back together a drawer from one of my dressers that had fallen apart. I also have lots of little projects to work on for Christmas, most of which are, ummmm, left over from last Christmas (or even before). For a change, I'm actually thinking about them before the week before they need to be done. Maybe I'll actually finish some of them this year.